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Classic Crimes with Jack Sim @ Bulimba Library

Posted by Marketing on 13 July 2017
Classic Crimes with Jack Sim @ Bulimba Library

CALL 07 3407 8223 to reserve your spot


Saturday 15th July 2017
10am - 11am
Bulimba Library


Brisbane's infamous "man in black", Jack Sim, walks the shadowy streets of town in search of stories and tales of horrible history. Since childhood, those long years ago, he has been fascinated not by blocks, bikes or cars, but by the stories of the past, especially crime stories, ghost tales and jail birds.
Jack has dedicated his life to preserving the details of things and subjects that we all find both macabre and thrilling. He has published several crime titles, regularly hosts crime and ghost tours around Brisbane and appears on radio 4BC each Monday night for Crime @ Nine.
Join Jack Sim for a thrilling story or two. Bookings essential.



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Jack Sim talks

Posted by Marketing on 28 February 2017
Jack Sim talks

Join us in welcoming Brisbane's infamous "man in black", Jack Sim to Brisbane Dymocks this March. Jack will share his intimate knowledge of stories of Brisbanes past, especially crime stories, ghost tales and most unscrupulous jail birds.

Jack Sim has dedicated his life to preserving the details of things and subjects that all of us find both macabre and thrilling. Since last century Jack Sim has become an iconic character in SouthernQueensland, seen late at night undertaking his Crime Tours and Ghost Tours, with a collection of other knowledgeable hosts, in historic sites such as Boggo Road Gaol, Toowong Cemetery and South Brisbane Cemetery. His work promoting history and heritage to visitors and locals has been seen in national and international media and documentaries such as Getaway, Extra, and the Seven Network's Great South East. He has strived to gain greater recognition for the value of storytelling and oral history and he has been the longest running operator of ghost tours on mainland Australia.

Jack Sim has also earned himself many fans presenting Crime @ Nine with Walter Williams every Monday evening on radio 4BC (1116am), where he discusses true crime, from Brisbane and international history, some infamous, others long forgotten. As well as a guest on the Paranormal Panel with Tino Pezzimenti from UFO Research Queensland discussing all things paranormal.

Join this dark historian as he strives to undertake us on a journey to the unpleasant side of society, that no-one knew existed or wanted to. This event is free but bookings essential. Books will be available to purchase at the event.


Join our other tour guide on a Crime tour at 8pm

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The Viscious Mr Brown

Posted by Marketing on 11 March 2015
Charters Towers Mr Brown and Mr Haygarth

114 years ago, in the North Queensland town of Charters Towers, a terrible tragedy, born out of gold fever shattered the hard working community.

At a board of directors meeting of the Charters Towers Pyrite Company. Mr Brown demanded to see the minutes of a previous meeting at which his weekly salary had been cut. The Chairman Mr Graham Haygarth refused, and within minutes was killed by Brown.

While the story of this murder still haunts The Towers, few people know the back story which led to the incident which has become known as "the tragedy on Mosman Street".

The crime was the culmination Brown's decade long obsession with his own greatness. Brown convinced shareholders of the company to plough their profits from the operation into his new gold mining process which required expensive infrastructure and capitol. It was a folly which ultimately led to his undoing and the death of Graham Haygarth.

Listen in to ABC Brisbane tonight at 8pm with David Curnow and Jack Sim to discover the backgrounds of those involved in the death and their motivations.

Charters Towers Ghost Tour

Visit the scene of the crime and the actual table at which Haygarth was murdered on the Charters Towers Ghost Tour.

Meet at the Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre, to undertake this Ghost Tour with a local historian. Walk the streets of the ghostly gold rush town of Charters Towers, hear real ghost stories from local Towers people and visit real haunted sites including the Royal Hotel, the Mining Museum and the World Theatre.

This 90 minute walking tour is suitable for all ages, but parental guidance is recommended.

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Jack Sim Book Signing at Dymocks Carindale

Posted on 22 December 2014

On Tuesday 23rd December 2014, Jack Sim will be greeting fans and signing his books at Dymocks Carindale for Christmas.

Come and chat with Jack Sim and Jack will personally autograph any of your copies from the Murder Trails Series, Ghost Trails Series, Classic Crime or Boggo Road Gaol series from 5:30pm until late for the late night shopping this Christmas!

Jack will be also be available to answer your questions about any of the notorious cases from his books, as well as other famous Brisbane Crime Mysteries.

So come on down to Dymocks Carindale on the late night shopping and see Jack for his Christmas book signing!

Venue: Dymocks Carindale
Starting: 5:30 PM
Tuesday 23rd December 2014
Ending: 11:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 33447264
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Posted on 18 December 2014
Charters Towers, a beautiful outback town South West of Townsville was once a thriving Gold Rush town, the second largest city outside of Brisbane. As the gold dried up, mining became uneconomic, Charters Towers population slowly declined, but the stunning old buildings and ghosts remained.

On the outskirts of Charters Towers sits what the locals call "the old cemetery", the Lynd Highway Cemetery was established in 1895. This bleak, barren and dead flat cemetery is bordered by a well maintained cast iron perimeter fence and charming front gate.  It is the resting place for a number of interesting local characters including Jupiter Mossman who, as the local lore has it, was one of the party that discovered gold in Charters Towers; Doctor Leonard Redmond who discovered Australian Dengue Fever; Frederick Pfeiffer, owner of the rich Day Dawn PC Mine and James Kenniff who was the last bushranger in Queensland.

James and his older brother Patrick were expert horsemen who made a living by horse stealing a very serious crime.

They were wanted in connection to the theft of a horse. A police constable, Aboriginal tracker and station master pursued the brothers for several days through hard, mountainous country in Western Queensland. Surprising Patrick and his brother James they managed to overpower and arrest them both. As the tracker was sent to get handcuffs from the constable's packhorse, gunshots rang out and the tracker ran for his life.

A later search found the constable's horse wandering through the scrub and the burnt remains of the constable and station master.  The brothers were tracked down again and following a shootout, both were captured and tried for murder.

Throughout the trial Patrick maintained his innocence and was denied the right to appeal to the Privy Council in London, by the judge Samuel Griffith. Though there was public shock and outcry, the Queensland Government seemed to be determined to see him hang.

Patrick was sent to the Gallows of Boggo Road Gaol, protesting his innocence to the very last. His final chilling words were saved for one man, the Chief Justice, now Sir Samuel Griffith: "I am as innocent as the judge who sentenced me."

James's life was spared, but he was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. Being released in 1914, he refused visitors and lived out his life alone. Some say he was the one who pulled the trigger. He took the secret to his grave in Charters Towers.

Hear about this amazing story on Australia's longest running true crime show "True Crimes" presented by Jack Sim on 4BC Nights with Walter Williams. Thursday evenings 9.35pm on Radio 4BC.

Visit the grave of Patrick Kenniff on a South Brisbane Cemetery Ghost Tour

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