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Brisbane's infamous "man in black", Jack Sim, walks the shadowy streets of town in search of stories and tales of horrible history. Since childhood, those long years ago, he has been fascinated not by blocks, bikes or cars (with the exception of his beloved Lulu, a 1939 Studebaker President 18 foot long Straight-8 hearse), but by the stories of the past, especially crime stories, ghost tales and jail birds.

Jack Sim has dedicated his life to preserving the details of things and subjects that all of us find both macabre and thrilling. He is the publisher of the Murder Trails, Ghost Trails and The Boggo Road Gaol Series. Over the past four years he has published ten titles under these series, including HAUNTED BRISBANE: Ghosts of the River City and THE GHOSTS OF TOOWONG CEMETERY CEMETERY: Brisbane's Necropolis.

Since last century Jack Sim has become an almost iconic character in Southern Queensland, seen late at night undertaking his eerie GHOST TOURS and MURDER TOURS, with a collection of other Hosts, of the region's most haunted sites, such as Boggo Road Gaol, Toowong Cemetery and Dutton Park Cemetery. His work promoting history and heritage to visitors and locals has been seen in national and international media and documentaries such as Getaway, Great South East, Extra, George Negus Tonight and others. He has strived to gain greater recognition for the value of storytelling and oral history and he has been the longest running operator of ghost tours on mainland Australia.

Jack Sim has also earned himself many fans appearing on Ian Maurice's evening radio show on 4BC (1116am) to host Crime @ Nine, where he discusses true crime, from Brisbane and international history, some infamous, others long forgotten and the Paranormal Panel with Tino Pezzimenti from UFO Research Queensland.

Join this dark historian as he strives to undertake us on a journey to the unpleasant side of society, that no-one knew existed or wanted to. BUY A BOOK OR UNDERTAKE A TOUR. or else.




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