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Murder in the Rain: The Horror at Glenore Grove is the second book by Jim Nicholls. His first, The Runaway Rattler was released in 2000. It received excellent reviews and tells the story of "a lone adventurer travelling the world by train". The story  reflects the author's love of travel, trains, and the freedom of riding them to exotic places. The Runaway Rattler was published by Bobby Graham Publishers.

Originally from New South Wales, Jim has resided in Laidley for the past 15 years. He has led a varied career including 21 years in the R.A.A.F. There he worked as a fitter during this time although he also managed to get a grip on Mandarin Language. Today he works as the local correspondent of the Queensland Times newspaper.

In January 2003 Jim was the recipient of Australia Day award for Cultural contributions. In November of the same year, Murder in the Rain was released as the first book in Jack Sim's Murder Trails series. Both Jack Sim and Jim Nicholls have shared a passionate interest in the story within its pages, spending two years researching and writing.

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