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Caroline Stevenson is a mother of two and spends her days working as an environmental consultant in the Ipswich area. She also researches information and sources photos for Jack Sim’s Publications as well as being an author there. She is a volunteer at Landcare. She was a journalist in Ipswich for 2 years and still works in the industry as a freelance journalist.

Her first Murder Trails crime casebook is HORSETRACKS & STIRRUP IRONS: Death Comes to Ebenezer, released as part of Queensland’s annual National Trust Heritage Week. Supported by Ipswich City Council the book launch is to be held at Rosewood, the major centre where the case was first heard eighty years ago. The story begins in the tiny hamlet of Ebenezer. Lousia Bade, a brave young woman, stood at a crossroads which figuratively and literally, led to her demise.

HORSETRACKS & STIRRUP IRONS: Death Comes to Ebenezer is Caroline’s second book to be published by Jack Sim’s Publications. Her first, released in October 2005, was a collaboration with Jack Sim; ESCAPE: From Boggo Road Gaol – Volume One focused on the 13 escapes from notorious Boggo Road Gaol in Queensland between 1883 & 1949.

She is currently working on both another Murder Trails crime casebook and followup book in the Boggo Raod Gaol series for Jack Sim.


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