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Posted by Marketing on 29 April 2015
April 26, 2015

Charters Towers Ghost Tours has been the talk of the town, with some great news articles being written up about the inaugural tour on the 24.05.2015. The first tour was taken by local history tour guide Erica Finlay and owner and creator of Ghost Tours pty Ltd Jack Sim .

Painting of the Crime - CHARTERS TOWERS SMALL

Jack Sim has always been fascinated by ghost towns ever since he read the book "Ghost towns of Australia" by George Farwell. Farwell's book explored abandoned townships, ports and mining settlements around the country.

"For some reason, the concept of places that are now a shade of their former selves really appealed to me as a child. I'd often think of the hard working men and women that built these towns out in the bush in some of the most the most remote, desolate and isolated parts of Australia. One of the pictures in his book called the 'unlucky digger' was so macabre that it truly sparked a lifelong fascination with the history gold mining towns. I was six when I first saw this picture and as horrible as it was, I just wanted to know what had befallen this poor miner who was he? what was the history that led him to this end? Even as a child, it seemed to me that the story of our country was often a very tragic one and I thought it was very important that people got to know about the hard work, toil and risks that our pioneers took to build our nation. Ghost towns seemed to be full of the stories that I wanted to share them with others."

Charters Towers and Ravenswood were referred to in Farwell's book. "These towns seemed really exceptional, so I always wanted to visit them. In December last year I finally was able to come up to North Queensland and visit Charters Towers and Ravenswood. I was thrilled to hear some of the best ghost stories I had ever heard. Local people shared with me their experiences with the spirits of the town. It's through these stories that we will tell the history of these towns to visitors."

Ghost Tours has been running in South East Queensland for the past 17 years and run tours of some of the most haunted places in the region, including notorious Boggo Road Gaol and grand Toowong Cemetery. However, we feel it's time to spread out to new historical places and hence starting in North Queensland. For the past few months, Jack Sim has been learning about the fascinating history of Charters Towers and collecting the local legends and ghost stories.

Ghosts have been seen, heard & felt on tours the inaugural tour was no exception. As the group wandered the darkened streets of Charters Towers they  visited the popular department store Target Country, reputedly to be haunted by its former owner, The Stock Exchange and the World Theatre . The World Theatre holds the blood stained table on which the Mosman street tragedy took place.

It was within the World Theatre that one of the customers saw a door open on its own accord. A ghostly figure has been seen wandering the halls of the World Theatre, some say that it is the ghost of the murderer Mr. Brown, who shot the Chairman of the company he worked for at the table

One of the local journalists from the Northern Minor Newspaper , Morgan Oss went along on the very first ghost tour last week . "It was a very informative, local history evening.  I learnt things about Charters Towers that I didn't know.  I was hoping to get some sort of experience on the tour & myself & 2 others who were with me had an experience at the top of the World Theatre.  I left feeling very happy that there was some " ghostly " action that night. The tourists & visitors to our town who go on the tour will get a one of
it's kind Charters Towers experience."


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Jack Sim Book Signing at Dymocks Carindale

Posted on 22 December 2014

On Tuesday 23rd December 2014, Jack Sim will be greeting fans and signing his books at Dymocks Carindale for Christmas.

Come and chat with Jack Sim and Jack will personally autograph any of your copies from the Murder Trails Series, Ghost Trails Series, Classic Crime or Boggo Road Gaol series from 5:30pm until late for the late night shopping this Christmas!

Jack will be also be available to answer your questions about any of the notorious cases from his books, as well as other famous Brisbane Crime Mysteries.

So come on down to Dymocks Carindale on the late night shopping and see Jack for his Christmas book signing!

Venue: Dymocks Carindale
Starting: 5:30 PM
Tuesday 23rd December 2014
Ending: 11:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 33447264
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Ken Blanch Book Signing

Posted on 26 November 2014

On Sunday 7th December 2014 at 10am until 2pm, Ken Blanch will be greeting fans and signing books at Dymocks Carindale.

Ken Blanch, author of "Who Killed Betty Shanks", "The Rampage of Killer Kast" and "Slim Halliday: The Taxi Driver Killer" will be available to talk about and sign any of his crime and murder mystery books.

Ken will be also be available to answer your questions about any of the notorious cases from his books, as well as other famous Brisbane Crime Mysteries!

So come on down to Dymocks Carindale on Sunday 7th December and see Ken Blanch at his book signing.

Venue: Dymocks Carindale
Starting: 10:00 AM
Sunday 7th December 2014
Ending: 2:00 PM
Phone Enquiries: 33447264

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DUPED BY A CON.WOMAN : Gladys Hardgrave (1935)

Posted by Jack Sim on 24 November 2014

On the 24th of February 1935 The Truth Newspaper reported that Gladys Hardgrave was found guilty of astute confidence tricks, after a dramatic legal fight. This short, slim woman with tear brimmed sparkling blue eyes stood weeping as she was sentenced to 37 weeks imprisonment. As she was led to the watch house cells she murmured "to think it has come to this".

At large in Queensland for little over a month, Gladys Hardgrave posed as a gentlewoman, robbing businesses in Brisbane, Caboolture and Southport of more than £123 (roughly $10,670). She was revealed to be a clever swindler, tricking over 7 stores, banks and business people, purchasing shoes, hotel rooms, clothing, handing them boomerang cheques and simply walking away with goods and money. Dud cheques fell like autumn leaves.

The C.I.B. Branch started their investigation, Detective acting Sergeant "Nobby" Clark, Detective Currey and Purcel were assigned to the task of catching this fraud.  They found her in one of the leading hotels in Sandgate, posing as a wealthy widow, with a trained nurse to attend to her 17 month old daughter.

When arrested, Gladys was wild and uncaring, but after hours in court she began to weep with her head bowed. She told detectives her crimes were committed in order to live well and look after her baby.
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Did Ellen Thomson kill her husband, or was she unfairly executed?

Posted by Jack Sim on 19 November 2014
At 8 o’clock on Monday morning, 13 June 1887, Ellen Thomson was hanged at Her Majesty’s Brisbane Gaol for the murder of her husband. She is the only woman to be executed under Queensland law and on the gallows of Boggo Road Gaol.

But did she receive a fair trial, and did she deserve the ultimate punishment? Author Vashti Farrer’s latest book reveals a tropical Queensland alive with goldrush excitement, and the hard lives of pioneering communities in Port Douglas, from English immigrants to Chinese settlers, all looking to make a better life. Into this world stepped a young widow, Ellen Thomson, who married an older farmer, Billy Thomson.

?After many years of working the farm on the Mossman River together, on the night of 22 October 1886, Billy Thomson was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. What happened?

VASHTI FARRER was fascinated by the story of Ellen Thomson after stumbling upon her story in the museum at Port Douglas. Initially Vashti wanted to write a novel, weaving the perspectives of Ellen, her lover and her husband, but instead has created a wonderful work of non-fiction set in the historical and social context of the times.Beyond a reasonable doubt outlines events of that fateful night, the subsequent trial and executions and gives a fascinating insight into life at the time. It also raises the question, was Ellen Thomson guilty beyond reasonable doubt?

Jack Sim will be speaking with Vashti on 4BC True Crimes November 20th at 9.35pm.

You can purchase 
Beyond a reasonable doubt  at the Boggo Road Gaol shop. Join Ghost Tours Pty Ltd on a ghost tour within the walls of Boggo Road Gaol and hear the story of Ellen Thomson.

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