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The Wilston Murder Covered in Local Press

Posted by Jack Sim on 11 September 2012

Readers living in Brisbane's northern suburbs will find a story on The Wilston Murder in their local Quest newspapers tomorrow (12/9) written by journalist Taryn Davis. 

Taryn, Editor, City North News, recently interviewed Ken Blanch about the crime which impacted so terribly on what was then a typical working class community, and about a lifetime of reporting on the dark side of Brisbane. 

Miss Davis, whose family still live in the area, was well-aware of the case. Like most who grew up at Wilston, she learned early on about the murder of Miss Shanks.

Taryn had the privilege of also meeting and interviewing local chemist shop owner, Mr Huxham, who was believed by many to be the murderer of Betty Shanks. Mr Huxman, now deceased, lived to be over 100 years of age, was thought to be responsible by local gossips. He could not have been involved as he was speaking to a customer, another local, outside his shop as the tram carrying Betty arrived at the Terminus. Police never regarded him as a suspect but that still did not stop housewives and those who should have known better from spreading the lie that he was involved in what has become Brisbane's most enduring homicide.

Huxham was not alone in attracting scurrilous comments. Local police officer Alex Stewart who found the body of Betty Shanks was virtually run out of the police force for failing to investigate the screams he heard the night before. Even now, in 2012, the most likely person for Jack Sim and Ken Blanch to be told was responsible for the murder is Constable Stewart.

One local in particular, whose comments to the inquest in 1953 should have aroused suspicion, seemingly went unnoticed by gossips and investigators alike. In his REVISED EDITION of  WHO KILLED BETTY SHANKS? Is the Wilston Monster Still Alive?, Ken Blanch examines this person of interest...

Author:Jack Sim
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