Author Profile - Jacqueline Craigie

Jacqueline Craigie’s writing is published in magazines and anthologies around the world with many of her short stories winning literary prizes. She is published under a number of names, enjoying the anonymity. Her education includes a Psychology degree, an Education degree (English, Special Needs) and her Masters in Education (Guidance and Counseling).

Some of her time is devoted to teaching teachers how to teach at Griffith University, but she spends her days in a nine to five job as the Head of Special Educational Services, and on the weekends she captures the world around her in tiny parcels of words, wrapping and unwrapping them, until they are little gifts she gives to friends and family.

Situated in Brisbane, in a house with a smile of a verandah and a jacaranda in the back yard, Jacqueline desires to ultimately live in some little coastal town where she can write and dream her way through each new day with her beautiful little family around her. Despite being a little bit shy, sheloves fan mail and tries to respond to everyone.

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