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Posted by Jack Sim on 1 March 2013

Hello everyone - the stories are true! I'm back at my desk, hard at work planning another year of crime, hauntings & history. I'd like to say I have had a break, but I haven't...I've been in Gaol.

Quite a few of you have contacted me recently wondering whether there was any truth in the rumour that I had been sent to prison over the Christmas period.

Yes, I have been given jail time - and I couldn't be more thrilled!

In early December 2012 the State Government licenced me to operate historic Boggo Road Gaol.

I am proud to have been given this responsibility, and I thank every one of you for supporting my efforts to popularise Brisbane's and our state's history. 

Telling the story of Boggo Road Gaol, managing this important heritage site, and creating a commercially viable tourism business will be a challenge - I strongly believe that the tales of this place need to be told through human beings.

We have created a great family-friendly script called THE HISTORY OF BOGGO ROAD GAOL aimed at all ages. My Ghost Tours have resumed at the old Gaol after 8 years and are just are popular as ever.

For those that do not know, I started running tours at Boggo Road Gaol 15 years ago - both history tours and ghost tours (not that there is any difference).

For nearly eight years I tried to convince the then State Government to let me develop the tourism potential of Boggo Road. There was a general reluctance to enter into any arrangement. Frankly, under the previous Government, all I really had were knockbacks. It was for myself, the public, our staff and supporters an extremely frustrating period. Most people would have quit. In 2005 the Gaol was closed for tours. Initially it was supposed to be only for 18 months - 2 years. A letter from the State Government crushed all hope saying they could not promise we would ever be able to recommence at the Gaol.

The 18months - 2 year window became 7 years. The public were shut out of what was really their property.

Last year we met with the new Government and found a committment to get the Gaol open, and for it to be used.

If you haven't as yet taken one of our tours at the Gaol now is the time to show your support - please visit the website at www.boggoroadgaol.com

My staff and I have made very attempt to work with other stakeholders, but I am determined that the story of Boggo Road Gaol should not be told by prison officers alone. Prisoners have tales to be told as well. The people impacted and affected by Boggo Road Gaol extend outside the walls into the Queensland community and beyond. Every piece of the history of this Gaol is fascinating, and in time I hope to meet expectations and create something positive out of a place whose history was largely bad.

Keep reading!

Jack Sim


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